Add a Simple Google, Yahoo! or Bing Search Box to Your Website using HTML

Google itself actually has a nice page offering you HTML code you can just cut and paste onto your own Web pages to produce the search box.

In addition to that, you need an input field and a submit button. Put them all together and here’s the minimalist Google search form that lets the user alternate between just your site (well, in this case just my site) or the entire Web.


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  1. ALI Umar says:

    i cant change its position

  2. Beka Belle says:

    hello,what if i want it to search google images only?

  3. Programming Lab says:

    This is great work you are amazing thanks a lot

  4. BEAST GAMING says:

    thanks very much i wanted to know this only

  5. Raghav Patel says:

    but how to delete history on it?

  6. anime amv says:

    how can i search 2 different texts

  7. Randima Sir says:

    Thanks a lot mate. Really helpful.

  8. Saket Dixit says:

    Wow. …!!!! it's really so easy and helpful. ..

  9. me from earth 1024 says:

    any change in code required for searching 2 texts [with space between] ???

  10. Gaurish Dhamija says:

    How to search on google images like this??

  11. mhfuj production says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Tarun Chakrabartty says:

    thanks a lot. you are great

  13. amir jutt says:

    great yr apna mrai bouth help ki hi thanx

  14. SXGaming5 says:

    Very helpful indeed

  15. Adesoye Afolabi says:

    Wow!!!!!!! 😮

  16. Asad Asif says:

    can u tell me how to add multiples links on search bar .if we do not wnt to use Google we can write youtube ,yahoo etc. please help

  17. y Bai says:

    It's so great. Thank you.

  18. says:

    Your english is a problem. I wish you was talking slower.

  19. Rajmi_ Tube says:

    How to add background?? PLS Comment!

  20. mhdesign says:

    I want to show Google search result in my website, How could I do it ?

  21. Mike Conlin says:

    now do it with the voice search icon working

  22. Jason D. Valentine says:

    Thsi was very simple, compact and well explained. maybe more detail on what the actions do and stuff for beginners would not have been bad, but still a great video. thanks a lot.

  23. Pablo .Petzen says:

    Take a look in, its free, way more pleasing to the eyes, lightweight, works perfect in mobile, for sure is the easiest to implement in aany website delivering blazing fast search results.

  24. DR KILLER PUBG says:

    hello when we put the name Q then in the search bar show XXX how can i errase this

  25. Shahriar Munir says:

    Thanx man. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  26. Billy Cedeno says:

    Thanks a lot this was very helpful, I really appreciate it.

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